Riva Yamaha Supercharger Shaft Upgrade Kit

$990.00 AUD
$990.00 AUD
$990.00 AUD
SKU: RY17040-UK-6S5-4

Riv'as GEN-4 SHO/SVHO Supercharger Shaft Kit provides the ultimate in reliability for high boost applications. Kit features a revolutionary hydraulic shaft stabilization bearing that limits shaft deflection and wear. Bearing stabilizes end of supercharger shaft via high pressure oil film dramatically increasing the stability of the system. Hydraulic end bearing and one-piece shaft bearing are fed by a through-shaft oiling system providing superior lubrication. Oil is delivered by braided stainless line and injected into a billet end cap that houses hydraulic bearing. Shaft is precision machined from a single piece of high-strength billet steel producing shaft, collar & gear as one piece. This eliminates the common failure point on stock shafts where OEM gear is pressed onto shaft. Shaft also features larger diameter threads & nut for added strength. Kit includes new one piece bearing with increased surface area providing improved torsional stability of shaft. Bearing features superior materials & finish treatment for reduced friction & abrasion resistance. This Shaft & Bearing Kit is a direct replacement for OEM parts and requires no additional modifications for use.

Key Features Include:

  • Hydraulic end bearing minimizes shaft deflection.
  • Through-shaft oiling system maximizes lubrication.
  • Braided stainless steel oil line delivers additional lubrication.
  • One piece shaft/collar/gear construction. Stronger billet material & superior surface finish.
  • Larger diameter threads & nut.
  • One-piece bearing improves shaft stability.
  • Bolt-on installation (no machining required).
  • Manufactured exclusively for RIVA Racing by HKS.
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