What is an Intake Grate?

The Intake Grate, Scoop Grate or Intake Screen as its known, has a very important function in your PWC’s operation and performance. This is the area where the water first enters the jet unit before moving through the impellor and stator section. The Intake Grate is the large bar that stops debris entering this area.

Most OEM Intake Grates are simply flat bars for ease of manufacturing. While these OEM units do achieve their purpose, they do little to promote water flow into the pump area for maximum jet unit efficiency. Some later model OEM grates have moved to a winged style similar to that of an aftermarket grate but often have oversized scoop surface area or aggressive scoop angles that limit the PWC’s top speed.

What are the benefits of upgrading to a Worx Intake Grate?

Upgrading your Intake Grate is easily the first choice of modification for your PWC as it will transform both the ride and feel of your ski.

Upgrading to a Worx Intake Grate provides a huge increase in strength over the OEM intake grate as it is constructed from high grade aluminium and designed with stronger bar supports providing greater protection against large debris. The stock intake grate in some models such as the Yamaha Superjet and Seadoo Spark are actually manufactured from plastic. It is an easy choice to upgrade from the weaker plastic stock grate which will deteriorate over time and investing in the better designed and harder wearing Worx option.

The scoop of each Worx Intake Grate is designed to direct more water to the top of the pump tunnel area for an even flow into the jet pump. This means increased acceleration and a reduction in cavitation. A further advantage of the Worx Intake Grate upgrade is increased hook up in rough water providing better drive in rough conditions and a reduction in the ski bouncing. Increased hook up also provides superior handling and predictability with straight line tracking and cornering. This is a massive advantage when towing water skiers or other water toys!

Worx also have pump plug kits available for grates with larger ramp areas. These polyurethane inserts easily slide into the hollow cavities of the grate to seal them and further eliminate cavitation.

Worx Intake Grates are so simple to install. They fit straight into the stock bolt holes and any necessary hardware is included. Whether you are a racer, towing for watersports, inshore or offshore fishing, a standup jetski enthusiast or riding just for pleasure, every model of PWC will benefit from a Worx Racing Intake upgrade.


Worx has all of your handling issues solved, match with our sponsons and a ride plate and compliment with our extensive range of handling parts to boost your jetski performance and take your enjoyment on the water to new extremes.