Yamaha 1.8 Race Intake starter kit

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Kit included WORX Blow off Valve, WORX Ribbon delete and WORX Air filter kit

Suit all 1.8 Yamaha Supercharged models excluding 18 models with plastic manifold. (Ribbon delete does not suit plastic manifold models)

Air Filter Kit: Our WORX Racing Yamaha 1.8 Air filter kit allows maximum air flow to your engine via a Huge 4-inch flame arrestor. Our tapered smooth bore moulded silicone hose fits directly onto your Yamaha OEM supercharger front housing for easy installation and our Billet anodised 4 inch air filter bracket is easy secured to the hull in a dry but accessible location.

Allows maximum Air flow to your engine removing restrictive OEM paper filter
Huge 4-inch Flame arrestor with silicone end cap and stainless binding band idea for saltwater environment J 1928 Approved USCG
Billet anodised 4-inch adaptor mounts easily to hull
Silicone moulded hose the tapers down to suit the supercharger with smooth internal bore to eliminate any intake turbulence
Increased acceleration and overall RPM’s
Works great combined with (WR04001) Ribbon Removal for maximum air flow into your engine
Race proven design a must for and Modified/ Race watercraft
Engine Breather filter also provided in kit

Ribbon: Replaces the restrictive mesh element in the intake manifold.
It increases air flow to the engine, maximizing horsepower.
Constructed from billet for extra durability and strength
Tapered design to allow more air flow

Ribbon Delete Not required in 18+ Plastic Intake manifolds models

Blow off Valve: Our cost effective design BOV will greatly improve supercharger clutch life in your Yamaha 1.8 engine. Kit includes a High Strength silicone hose that incorporates a Billet lightweight “Blow off Valve’, necessary vacuum lines and fittings for install.
Easy install to OEM location
Lightweight billet construction less load on hose to reduce fatigue and tearing
Easy to dissemble for cleaning and maintenance


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