Pro kit WR-FX08-SHO-PK


Pro kit WR-FX08-SHO-PK
WR04020 Air filter kit
WR04001 Ribbon Delete
WR232 Intake grate
WR0702 Pump plug kit
WR04033 HI Flow pump strainer SHO
WR04011 Cooling upgrade kit
WR03001 ECU reflash
YS-CD-13/22 Solas impeller
WR01001 ET 14lb S/C wheel
RY17040-UK-6S5-3 Riva Supercharger Upgrade
WR01007 Intercooler kit with BOV
WR554-I Race sponson Kit

No feeling is quote as awesome as destroying the competition on the water, go next level and dominate your mates with our Pro-Kit! This kit has been designed to further unlock your watercrafts performance potential and make you feel truly alive! 

1) WR04020 Air Filter Kit  allows maximum air flow to your engine via a Huge 4-inch flame arrestor. Our tapered smooth bore moulded silicone hose fits directly onto your Yamaha OEM supercharger front housing for easy installation and our Billet anodised 4 inch air filter bracket is easy secured to the hull in a dry but accessible location.

2) WR04001 Ribbon Remover replaces the restrictive mesh element in the intake manifold and  increases air flow to the engine, maximizing horsepower.

3) WR232 Intake Grate enhances stability control, turning capability, hook up and improves handling in rough water conditions.

4) WR0702 Pump Seal kit fits into the voids of your WR232 Intake Grate to reduce cavitation and maximise pump efficiency and performance.

5) WR04033 Pump Strainer to increase water flow into engine and lower engine temps.

6) WR04011 Engine Cooling Kit provides the much needed ‘extra cooling’ when modifying your watercraft. Our WORX Racing cooling kit allows the addition of an extra water line from the Jet unit which feeds directly into the Yamaha 1.8 engine block to significantly lower engine temperatures under load to increase engine reliability and performance.

7) WR03001  ECU Reflash reprograms your original ECU for added performance. 8650 rpm limit, removes boost limit, advanced Ignition timing for increase in low and mid range acceleration. Retains all OEM gauge functions. Please note we perform this on your stock ECU and will require you to send this to us. WORX aim to perform this service the same or next business day the ECU is received and will return your ECU to you via a fully trackable overnight service.

8) YS-CD-13/22 Solas Impeller will give you better performance (1-2 MPH Gain) over your stock impeller. You will also see reduced cavitation, better holeshot with increased acceleration. 

9) WR01001 ET Low Boost Supercharger Impeller adds more volume of air for acceleration and 2-3 lbs of boost 11.3 lbs @ 7700 rpm and 14lbs at 8450

10) RY17040-UK-6S5-3 Riva Supercharger Shaft Upgrade features a revolutionary hydraulic shaft stabilization bearing that limits shaft deflection and wear. 

11) WR01007 Intercooler Kit features a New High Flow High capacity intercooler unit capable of handling up to 500 HP!!! A huge internal core almost twice the size of the inefficient OEM cooler allow maximum air flow for any high boost application allowing for increased RPM and dramatically lowering intake air temperatures up to 22C/72F degrees cooler than OEM unit.  

12) WR554-I Sponsons for enhanced control, stability and predictablity. 

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