Pro kit WR-RXTX12-PK


Pro kit WR-RXTX12-PK Parts Include 
WR235 Intake grate
SRZ-CD-15/20 Solas Impeller 
WR04034 4 Inch Air intake
WR03007 ECU Reflash 8650
WR02012 Titanium retainer kit 
WR04005 Intake Manifold girdle
WR02001 Et 137 x 4mm 15lb S/C wheel
WR04037 160Deg thermostat
WR04027 Exhaust Free Flow

No feeling is quote as awesome as destroying the competition on the water, go next level and dominate your mates with our Pro-Kit! This kit has been designed to further unlock your watercrafts performance potential and make you feel truly alive! 

1) WR235 Intake Grate for greater control and turning capability, enhanced hook up and improved handling in choppy conditions

2) SRZ-CD-15/20 Solas Impeller optimises efficiency of the jet unit and delivers increased acceleration and top speed.

3) WR04034 4 Inch Air Intake allows maximum air flow to feed your high performance engine via our huge WORX Racing 4 inch marine flame arrestor, easy mount adaptor, flexible 4-inch Kanaflex hose and our tapered Supercharger mount. By removing restrictive OEM intake system and allowing filter placement in cooler areas inside the hull, this allows for lower intake temps resulting in better acceleration and an increase in top RPM’s.

4) WR03007 ECU Upgrade can be described as your ‘best bang for buck’ modification as the ECU (Engine Control Unit) is essentially your jetski’s brain and controls various engine functions, including RPM Limits, Timing, fuel and throttle position. The stock ECU is heavily restricted by manufacturer laws so making adjustments to this significantly improves acceleration, top speed and overall performance while retaining all OEM functions. 8400 RPM limit and advanced Ignition timing for increase in low and mid range acceleration. Please note we perform this on your stock ECU and will require you to send this to us. WORX aim to perform this service the same or next business day the ECU is received and will return your ECU to you via a fully trackable overnight service.

5) WR02012 Titanium Retainers to add strength while offering weight reduction.

6) WR04005 Manifold Girdle provides added strength to the Sea-Doo intake manifolds. The Bracket clamps around the side of the manifold easily without drilling or grinding of the stock manifold providing extra support to the join in the manifold that splits under higher boost pressures on skis with aftermarket superchargers or running higher rpm’s.

7) WR04013 Rear Exhaust Kit eliminate resonance to deliver tough, throaty exhaust sound

8) WR02001 ET S/C Wheel for acceleration and boost

9) WR04037 Thermostat lowers your engine temp by up to 30 degs (ºF)

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