Launch kit WR-FX12-SHO-LK


Launch kit WR-FX12-SHO-LK Parts Include

WR04020 Air filter kit

WR04001 Ribbon Delete

WR237 Intake grate

WR0703 Pump plug kit

WR04021 BOV

WR04033 HI Flow pump strainer SHO

WR05004 Pump wedge

Get the party started with our Launch Kit! This combination of parts is the ideal platform for kicking off your modifications and can be easily added to over time to further upgrade your jetski. Designed to extract the best possible potential from your standard watercraft , this level of kit includes parts that any mechanically minded individual should be able to install.

1) WR04020 Air Filter Kit  allows maximum air flow to your engine via a Huge 4-inch flame arrestor. Our tapered smooth bore moulded silicone hose fits directly onto your Yamaha OEM supercharger front housing for easy installation and our Billet anodised 4 inch air filter bracket is easy secured to the hull in a dry but accessible location.

2) WR04001 Ribbon Remover replaces the restrictive mesh element in the intake manifold and  increases air flow to the engine, maximizing horsepower.

3) WR237 Intake Grate enhances stability control, turning capability, hook up and improves handling in rough water conditions.

4) WR0703 Pump Seal kit fits into the voids of your WR237 Intake Grate to reduce cavitation and maximise pump efficiency and performance.

5) WR04021 Blow Off Valve Assembly greatly improves supercharger clutch life with lightweight billet construction for less load on hose to reduce fatigue and tearing. 

6) WR04033 Pump Strainer to increase water flow into engine and lower engine temps.

7) WR05004 Pump Wedge to create more bow lift for less hull drag and increase in top speed.

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