Advanced kit WR-SPK-AK


Advanced kit WR-SPK-AK Parts Include:
WR244 Intake grate
WR0707 Pump plug kit
WR319 Ride plate
WR555-I Sponsons
WR04023 Ribbon delete
SK-HS-140 Solas Stainless liner
SK-CD-12/14 Solas Impeller
WR03008 ECU Reflash
WR04008 Free flow exhaust
WR06018-31 Hull washer kit

Building further on our Launch Kit, the Advanced Kit further unlocks your watercrafts performance for everyday recreational use.  This level of kit includes parts that any mechanically minded individual should be able to install.

1) WR244 Worx Intake Grate replaces the stock plastic intake grate with more rigid Aluminium that will stand the test of time. Benefits of this part include:

  • increased acceleration ands drive
  • stability through cornering and rough water
  • reduced caviation and maximise efficiency

2) WR0707 Pump Seal Kit fits into the voids of your intake grate that cause cavitation to improve acceleration and jet unit performance.

3) WR319 Ride Plate creates better straight line drive and added stability as well as enhanced handling characteristics throughout cornering. Its added length creates extra nose pressure on launch allow pump hook up and quicker acceleration

4) WR555-I  Sponsons have been designed with adjustable fin and backing rail to suit any riding style. They not only add killer style to your Spark but dramatically improve straight line stability and cornering ability.

5) WR04023 Ribbon Remover  increases air flow to the engine, maximizing horsepower. It is constructed from billet for extra durability and strength with a tapered design to allow more air flow.

6) SK-HS-140 Pump Liner is a heavy-duty, 100% stainless steel wear ring/impeller replacement for your original plastic unit. Durable stainless steel resists debris damage and saltwater corrosion

7) SK-CD-12/14 Solas Impeller. Features large blade area and superior hub design deliver to increase acceleration and top speed. Blows away the performance of your stock impeller!

8) WR03008 ECU Reflash reprograms your original ECU for added performance. Retains all OEM gauge functions and converts both 60Hp models and/or 90Hp models to 110Hp. Please note we perform this on your stock ECU and will require you to send this to us. WORX aim to perform this service the same or next business day the ECU is received and will return your ECU to you via a fully trackable overnight service.

9) WR04008 Free Flow Exhaust allows removal of restrictive STD exhaust baffle for increased performance and a great Exhaust note. Designed to increase throttle response and reduce back pressure. Kit easily installs using OEM exhaust exit location and features a light weight moulded silicone hose.

10) WR06018-31 Hull Washer Kit replace the stock plastic hull washers which will break and deteriorate easily with our Stainless Steel 316 Spark Hull Washers. This kit is a 31 piece kit that will replace all of the washers.

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