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Give your Seadoo Spark some extra muscle!!!

24 February 2015


Worx have designed this kit to reduce resonance in the pump cavity and improve the overall performance of the popular Seadoo ...


24 February 2015


For killer style, performance and sound, look no further than the Worx 2012+ RXPX Rear Exhaust Kit. Featuring a tough looking ...


24 February 2015


The 2014 Yamaha FZR/FZS is the ultimate fun machine and it is with great excitement Worx Racing Components bring to ...

Worx Team Rider Christian D'Agostin takes out Chinese Enduro!

29 March 2016


Congratulations to Worx sponsored PTS Racing on an awesome result in the Chinese Motorboat Open Enduro with Christian D'Agostin taking ...

Intake Grates Explained

22 May 2018


What is an Intake Grate? The Intake Grate, Scoop Grate or Intake Screen as its known, has a very important function ...

Everything you need to know about Worx Racing Sponsons!

30 April 2018


What are Sponsons? All sit down models of PWC will come with standard sponsons or ‘stabilizers’. These are the external mounted ...

Worx ECU Reflash

24 April 2018


The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is essentially your jetski’s ‘brain’ and controls various engine functions, including RPM Limits, Timing, fuel ...

Worx Racing, Dean's Team Riders Take Out P1 AquaX Pro Enduro Daytona Beach

27 April 2016


A huge congratulations to Worx Team Riders Chris Macclugage and Aero Aswar who took out the P1 AquaX Pro Enduro ...

Bailey Cunningham Spark Winner

14 November 2017


Congratulations to Worx Team Rider Bailey Cunningham who took out #1 in Rec Lites at Round 1 of the NSW ...


Everything you need to know about Worx Racing Sponsons!

30 April 18

What are Sponsons?

All sit down models of PWC will come with standard sponsons or ‘stabilizers’. These are the external mounted blades fixed to the hull at the rear of your PWC. They play a huge part in the handling and cornering of your ski.

Sponsons create added lift during acceleration, better straight line tracking and reduction in porpoising. With a wider outside edge they offer more grip to the water in turns which restricts the rear of a PWC sliding out.

Almost all OEM Sponsons are mounted in a fixed position without an option for adjustability to suit your riding style, on water application or conditions. These stock sponsons are unresponsive in cornering and lack straight line stability at higher speeds.


What are the benefits of upgrading to Worx Sponsons?

Our Worx design gives direct response cornering, more predictable handling and greater straight line stability, especially in rough conditions.

Worx Racing Sponsons can also offer a huge range of adjustability to suit your riding style with adjustments in paddle heights to offer more or less aggressive handling and turning.

They are also easy to install yourself and mount straight to the OEM mounting locations (meaning no drilling required!) We also supply all the required hardware in your Sponson Kit.

We design our Sponsons specifically to the unique handling characteristics of each model and race prove test in all conditions.

For more recent models we have upgraded our paddle design to now feature our billet four point adjustment inserts meaning cutting edge performance with killer style!


Who can benefit from Worx Sponsons?

Worx Sponsons are for everyone and are one of the first upgrades we recommend to all of our customers both sit down and stand-up model riders.

Worx Sponsons are an essential upgrade if you are considering racing your PWC as they will give you superior straight line and cornering ability as you negotiate your way around the course. Worx Racing Sponsons are the not-so secret weapon of many of the world’s very best riders including Chris Macclugage, Aero Aswar and Eric Francis.

If you are more of a social/ family rider our sponsons will improve craft response in a straight line and the stability of your ski when cornering with passengers. If you are using your PWC for towing, our Sponsons will assist in the straight-line direction and limit PWC transom drag when the person being towed goes out wide.  

Worx Sponsons have also become popular in tow in surfing as they provide better straight line tracking when escaping a following wave and are a must-have for inshore and offshore fishing as they limit transom ‘twitch’ when coming off waves.

To discover more about Worx Sponsons visit our website









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